Faith at Work

imageWhere affirmation, affinity, and ability come together, this is where you ideally use your gifts for the sake of the Gospel. I’ve found myself living out my faith vocationally since 2012 on a yoga mat. Body and Soul Fitness was born out of a desire to help people restore their bodies naturally with yoga to the glory of God. I believe in practicing yoga as a physical methodology, not a theology.  Believing that our bodies are able to heal themselves when treating them as our Creator designed, Body and Soul Fitness embraces the health benefits of exercise and yoga while at the same time honoring our bodies and the One who made them.

The yoga you most often see in the world takes a humanistic view.  Because of the transformational work God has done in my life, I’m compelled to impart His truths to inspire and encourage others whenever possible.

Faith. Flexibility. Fitness. Founded in Truth.

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