“Come and hear; all who fear God, and I will tell you of what He has done for my soul.” Psalm 66:16

This blog came to life in July 2016, because I believe that God has given me too many lessons to keep to myself. For the most part, I’ll write through this framework:

Life is tough, but God is faithful.  Loss of a parent at age 17.  College independence regrets. Marriage challenges and victories. Infertility. An incurable digestive disease. Relentless spiritual warfare. But God is faithful. The victories I’ve experienced in all these areas are what drives me to write openly to you. May God be glorified and may you be inspired.

Relationships are my lifeblood.  First and foremost is my saving relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.  Call it my XX chromosomes or whatever you’d like, but I thrive on connecting with people. I feel alive when engaging in 1-1 in meaningful conversation. I have low tolerance for surface talk.  We were made for relationships and that means sharing at a heart level and speaking truth to one another.

I’ve learned a lot the hard way.  Herein lies the motivation for this blog. My numerous mistakes must benefit more than just me.  I believe we are called to help others, to impart wisdom to younger women, and my prayer is that this platform will help me reach women worldwide.

I thrive on learning and growth. I read…constantly. I read articles, blogs, and strictly non-fiction books. If I’m going to be reading I should be learning, I figure! I want to be perpetually growing in wisdom and maturity daily.

Fitness-teacher, Gospel-preacher. I love combining my faith with my opportunity to teach and influence from the mat. There should be no sacred/secular divide when Christ is the center of our lives, and I aim for the chance to build relationships and share Truth as each opportunity presents itself.

I feel alive and natural in the seemingly most unnatural setting for me: teaching.  I have never liked to be in front of groups and it’s been a great source of anxiety in the past, which is why it’s completely hysterical that God has led me to a profession where I am in front of groups weekly!  What a way for Him to help me out of my self-reliance, though!

I’m a big eater.  My husband coined this phrase at a restaurant one time and it’s stuck. The server was about to clear my stepson’s plate when I reached over to say “No, I’ll finish that!” to which my husband explained “She’s a big eater.”  I love food; good food! Natural health is a passion, and I seek out recipes and quality ingredients in their natural state when at all possible.

Random tidbits: I love nature, sunrises/sunsets, warm weather, worship music, and the water.  I could live on avocados.  I couldn’t live without music (well, wouldn’t want to anyway!). I’m fairly practical, not into typical girly things, and would rather browse a health food store than a clothing store. I bow hunt. I enjoy expression through writing.

Welcome to my little corner of the world.

May my life, may this blog, be merely “a sovereign doorstop, that the King of Glory might come in.” ~Gene Heacock

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